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    Comments: Front receptionist very polite and sweet. Finding a parking spot in the garage of the pavilion was a nightmare, I had to go all the way up to the top level which was full and then turn around and go back down and finally found one. I am slow walking right now due to my knee that hurts which is why I went there to begin with, so all of this made me late. However she was very kind about it because I had to fill out new patient paperwork, although I had called twice for them to email it to me and never got it, she did apologize and it could have gone into my spam which I rarely check, so no big deal. It was very timely and once I got the paperwork completed I got called right away. I was not happy with the tech or aide or whatever her credentials were though who brought me back to the room. She decided she would make a huge debacle over whether or not this injury occurred at work and would this be work comp or not. To rewind I was injured in an accident at work 18 months ago and am still undergoing surgeries and care from another physician who is not part of this practice. I had to tell her 3 times that no, this was not covered under work comp and this was not related to work comp but unfortunately she did not choose to stop and take a moment to listen, she kept interrupting me when I was trying to explain to her that this would be covered under my private insurance. She was very interruptive, she would ask me a question (such as 'what happened, why are you here, what are we seeing you for today?) and never once did she let me finish my sentence before asking me another question. There is nothing worse than someone asking you something then interrupting you then cutting you off mid-sentence only to ask something else. Why ask if you aren't going to listen to what the answer is? I need X-rays. Probably, so she leaves and the X-ray tech comes in who is great, very competent, very polite, nice and likable. We go back to X-ray and before the first film is even taken the woman who is the interruptive one who never did tell me her name barges back to the X-ray room in the middle of all of this asking me about this question that I answered on the form, which was something like " have you had an injury" (and I am paraphrasing here) and I had answered honestly and put yes, I had an accident at my office 18 months ago but this was unrelated and that back in early 2020 I had seen a different physician for the same problem as today but this had flared up again, however that first physician indicated the issue was unrelated to the work injury. I spelled it out loud and clear for them because I knew what was going to happen if I didn't. They were going to ask for my for them so there would be NO confusion about who to bill, I did not give them the Work Comp info I gave them a copy of my insurance card. She leaves. We get the films and I go back to the room. In she barges again saying she didn't know if I could be seen today by this Dr because there was the question of whether or not this was Work Comp. Repeated again what I had already written on the form and what I told her in X-ray. Again she interrupts me from my explanation to her, saying that this may not be covered under insurance if it was an accident related to work...How many times did I need to tell her...this is NOT related to work, I don't know what it's related to, all I know is I am in unnecessary pain and I need to see a Dr, I have private commercial insurance that I pay for and that's where they send the bill. She fumbles around "Ok I'll be back"...In barges not only her again but the office manager asking if I have a form that says this is not related to the work comp injury. Seriously? No, I don't have anything, I do not carry a medical file cabinet with me on hand and no this is not a work comp related matter, the accident at work was 18 months ago, do you seriously think this would just pop up out of nowhere now if it were? No I don't think so. I didn't say that, but yes I was thinking that. So we go back and forth, she wants someone to tell her that this issue today is not related to my complaint today or I may not be able to see this Dr. ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS? You are making this way more difficult than it needs to be. So I say "No, here is how it happens. You bill my commercial insurance. If they suspect it was an accident, which it wasn't but let's say they do, they are going to send me a form asking me if this complaint today was related to any accident I had. When I fill out this form, which I will, and send it back this will verify with them that it was not any kind of accident where there is a potential primary payer and wah lah your claim gets paid." She still demands a name and number of someone who can tell her this is not an accident. OMG!!! So I give her the case manager who is involved in my work comp case that is still ongoing. That still is not enough. I finally give her my attorney's phone number, I don't even know what else to do any more, I don't have the direct line to Jesus Christ's phone number, I even tell her to call the practice and ask them, they can look it up but no, she is being absolutely belligerent and RUDE. No, they can't call the other Dr from 18 months ago but I may still not be able to see the Dr today until I give her more information. Well I could give you a DNA sample I guess, but I draw the line at giving you my first born child, you cannot have him or any of the other ones, they are mine. She leaves along with the interruptive one. She comes back with the interruptive one and tells me she tried calling the case manager with the work comp case ( the one this is not related to in any way) but that she didn't answer and she left a message. Now she is going to go get permission from the Dr to make sure it's okay for me to see the Dr. What a total cluster. She comes back. "Yes the Dr will see you, but just so you know if your insurance company denies this you will be responsible for the entire payment"...I say "oh how nice of you, my insurance company will pay this claim" Her " Oh well I'm happy to know you know so much" Me "yes I do know that much so bye" and they leave. A few minutes later the Dr comes in and apologizes for the mess just now, and honestly the only thing that saved this entire review from a one star is that this physician is fantastic. He is younger which I personally like, they are more progressive and have the current information and experience because they have not had time to get stuck in their old ways and not kept up with new procedures and medical research like I see in some of these older physicians. I got two cortisone shots and I hardly felt anything and they were both in the same knee. He showed me my Xrays and explained everything, nothing was major, gave me some medication, he is extremely nice, kind, competent and professional and I liked him very much. He asked me to return in 6 weeks and have some physical therapy for a few sessions to get some strengthening excercises and not sit at my desk in such long intervals, working remotely I tend to work longer hours and that parlays into remaining in the same position, not getting up and anyone's joints would get stiff. Now that I know nothing is torn inside my knee I can start being a little more aggressive and get the strengthening moving. The thing I did not tell them, and the thing I never ever tell a physician's office until I get to know them, is that I am an advanced registered nurse practitioner and have been practicing for years. The way these two ladies behaved today is completely and totally unacceptable, the office manager was rude, abrasive and brassy. The interruptive one was just that, interruptive. I loved the Dr and the front office girl though, they were fantastic so if you can navigate through the other BS I would definitely recommend Dr Woyski for anything knee related because I literally walked out of that office with a perfectly normal gait, I sailed to my car and took a over the counter pain reliever when I got home and my knee feels as good as new. Definite 2 thumbs up for this Doc.
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