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    I was very impressed w/ Dr. Woyski and his PA at Northland Orthopedic. I am orig from TX and I have a pretty extensive medical history. My records must have been lost bc I’ve tried 3 different times to obtain them the past yr. I was anxious about going into details of my car wreck since my daughte...

    Buffy C.

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    I am adding to a review I did earlier. My hip replacement was July 27, 2021. . .today is October 5, 2021. I continue to improve. I am still going to rehab, working out in the gym. What was difficult for me was laying flat on my back and lifting my leg up. Sounds easy, but for me was not. Last night ...

    Glenda Joyce Nelson

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    I felt confident in the care of Dr. Woyski for my hip replacement. He is patient, calm, smart and caring. I highly recommend. I sincerely hope that he is as receptive to his patients' needs in 15 yrs as he is now. Quite remarkable, frankly.

    Sharon Thomas

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    Dr. Woyski operated on my mother after three other hip surgeries. And she has had tremendous results!!

    Verified Patient

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    Amazing ! had emergency shoulder surgery. Dr. Woyski was great and always has time for me. My father has been to see him also and was very impressed.

    Ellen White

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